Several senior engineers of Huachen Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. have successfully developed the advanced die casting machine with 8 years' efforts, absorbing the advanced technology and process characteristics of the foreign famous brand from German, Japan and Italy. This kind of die casting machine features high performance and low energy consumption with capacity of 140T、160T、180T、280T、500T、700T、800T、900T、1300T、1600T、2000T. Brand Huachen die casting machine with stable quality, reliable performance, satisfied service and rational price is honored as the best brand of die casting equipment by clients.

    The company, cooperated with Chongqin University, developed the home-made magnesium alloy die casting machine and magnesium alloy melting furnace with its own intellectual property. The die casting machine has six varieties of 1000T、800T、700T、500T、280T、180T and the melting furnace has three series of 500 kg, 350 kg and 250 kg. Magnesium alloy die casting machine, with test and inspection by State Foundry and Forge Testing Center, conforms to the performance and index of international level. It has a good die casting property, for example, dieing speed 9.5m/sec; "Short" dieing time C25 ms. The magnesium alloy melting furnace has the following technical parameters: shielding gas SO2 + CO2 + N2; flow of mixed gas 5 - 40 L/min; melting rate 250 - 300 kg/h. The successful development of newly-designed magnesium alloy die casting has filled in the gaps in this field. The product has been listed in major state scientific and technological tackle project and the March 1986 State Plan for Hi-tech Research and Development

    The company has been encouraged by national and provincial finance subsidies successively. The products have been used in more than decade customers for two years. They have reflected unanimously that it is the most ideal magnesium alloy die casting equipment with less investment, reliable and safety performance and high productivity in China. The price of product is only one-third of foreign same kind equipment.

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